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Gauri Kaul Foundation hosts annual meet and releases Annual Report for 2022-2023

New Delhi: The Gauri Kaul Foundation (GKF), a non-profit organization devoted to enhancing healthcare and promoting wellness, hosted its annual meeting at the India International Centre, New Delhi on Sunday (16 April 2023).

According to a press release, the meeting brought together GKF’s trustees, founder director, directors, and team to review the previous year’s accomplishments and discuss future plans.

The annual meeting commenced with a warm greeting from GKF’s founder director, Prof Upendra Kaul, who highlighted the organization’s unwavering commitment to providing accessible healthcare to underserved communities.

He also recognized the progress made in the past year toward achieving this goal despite facing significant challenges. “Our team’s resilience and dedication to our mission enabled us to overcome them and provide quality healthcare services to those who need them most,” Prof Kaul said.

Dr Zubair Saleem, Director GHF spoke about the “Gauri Old Age Mission” and the importance of ensuring that senior citizens receive the best possible care and attention as they age. This, he added, is being done by OPD consultations, Home based care, Telehealth and Vaccination programs.

Dr Zubair also presented the financials of the foundation. Puneet Zaroo the CA of the foundation was also present during the deliberations. Dr Priyadarshini Director GKF, narrated the journey of starting the Gauri Research Centre which is already registered with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Government of India. It aims to give boost to Medical Research in Jammu and Kashmir.

The trustees of the GKF, Devaki Jain, a renowned economist, Meera Shah, Director SAHEE , MA Pathan, former chairman Indian Oil Corporation Amod Kanth former DGP and chairman of the NGO- Prayas attended the meeting.

Satish Beloria, former Chief Secretary J&K could not attend the meet but sent his written message for the foundation. All the trustees recognised GKF’s achievements and praised the team’s efforts in expanding the organization’s reach and impact, and improving the people’s lives. All of them gave suggestions and directions regarding successful execution of this mission.

During the meeting, GKF released its annual report for 2022-2023, which provides an overview of the organization’s activities, projects, and achievements over the past year.

It also includes financial information, highlighting GKF’s commitment to transparency and accountability. Dr Zubair Saleem conducted the proceedings of the Annual Meeting, and the vote of thanks was presented by Priyadarshini Arambam.

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