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An exclusive health clinic for senior citizens with exceptional cost effective care for the unique health needs of the elderly and diagnosing and treating elderly patients with complex medical conditions including social problems. Holistic Health Care for Senior Citizens.

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OPD Consultation

In Person consultation and counselling 

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The elderly who are not able to come out from their home will be given an option of being treated at home. Regular consultations by a geriatrician will be given at their home. Besides, laboratory tests, medicines and medical related services would be provided to them at their home.

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Consult your doctor while you stay safe at home

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Infusion Therapy (IV Medicines)

We provide a range of infusion therapies, including anti-infectives, nutrition support, hydration, pain management, IV Iron and medications to treat heart failure

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Vaccination Program

The way we have vaccination schedules for the children, there is a vaccination program for elderly also

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Screening Of Diseases

Senior citizens would be screened for various diseases so that early intervention would prevent long term and permanent complications. Screening for heart diseases, prostate, neurological screening and cancer screening to name a few.

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